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Sunday, November 29, 2009

True happiness.

Le vieux fusil (Générique)
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Le vieux fusil (English title: The Old Gun aka Vengeance One by One) is a 1975 French film directed by Robert Enrico, and starring Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider and Jean Bouise.
It won the 1976 César Award for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Music, and was nominated for best director, supporting actor, writing, cinematography, editing and sound.
The film is based on the Massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane in 1944.

“Старое ружьё” (фр. Le Vieux Fusil) — немецко-французский кинофильм режиссёра Робера Энрико. Премия «Сезар» в 1976 году.

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