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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Questions Every Couple Should Ask.

Couples should be up front with each other if their relationship is to last
They may not seem romantic, but a list of questions any couple must ask to have a chance of succeeding in their relationship has been published by a law firm.
Asking about one another's finances and secret addictions before getting married or moving in together is essential if a couple's relationship is to last the distance, according to Bross Bennett.
The list of straightforward and decidedly mundane questions was put together as a seperate study by website unbiased.co.uk found that January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers.
Here are some of the questions lawyers say couples should ask before committing to one another:

Do you know the extent of each other's assets?
How does each of you view sharing these assets?
Do you have the same attitude to saving?
Family Ties
What sort of relationship do you have with your extended family?
Are they local? Over-involved?
Have you had any major fallings out?
Do you want children? How many?
How do you want to raise your children? What sort of values do you want to pass on?
Do you have opposing views about the benefits of state versus private education?
Are your respective career paths compatible?
Will you want to give up work when you have children?
What does your partner think about this?
Will you expect to live along traditional lines - woman as homemaker and man as bread-winner?
Who will organize the finances?
Will household responsibilities be shared equally?
Do you like the same things?
Do you have the same idea of a dream holiday?
Do you have any secret addictions, such as handbags, shoes, chocolate or football?
Do you still hold feelings for old flames?
What religion - if any - will you bring the children into?

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