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Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Education.

Фильм "Образование" ("Воспитание чувств")
"Итак, дорогие барышни, пусть этот фильм преподнесет вам хорошенький урок"
...и родителям...которые всегда стараются...'как лучше'.

Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

Jack: We have to have this out. Well, if you won't do it, I will. I'm still your father.
Jenny: You're my father again now, are you? And what were you when you encouraged me to throw my life away? Silly schoolgirls are always getting seduced by glamorous older men, but what about you two?

Jenny: The life I want, there is no shortcut.

"So young women, let this movie offer useful advice. When a man seems too good to be true, he probably isn't -- good, or true. We all make mistakes when we're growing up. Sometimes we learn from them. If we're lucky, we can even learn during them. And you must certainly see Paris. Do not count on meeting the aunt."
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