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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Gifts of Writing

LLH DESIGNS: The Gifts of Writing:

 "I realize blog writing isn't for everyone.
It's public, time consuming and leaves you feeling over exposed at times. {Not to mention the crazy ways it can feed self-importance and insecurity if your heart isn't in the right place.} But there are gifts in the midst. {I met one today. Deana, you're a gem!}
 For every post I've written, I've also had thoughts of never writing on the internet again. But then a little nudge or word of encouragement comes my way. A reminder that my small voice might have a greater purpose. Because God is doing something bigger than me. Bigger than my blog. He's speaking to people's hearts. And sometimes, He uses the words I write to do it. {Talk about humbling.} 
 Perhaps your voice is needed in blog world? Whether you author a blog or leave words of encouragement in the form of comments, your words can be part of a greater purpose. "

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