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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Sense of an Ending.

"The Sense of an Ending/Предчувствие конца."
- «Unravel the Truth"

Нам не дано предугадать,
Как слово наше отзовется, -
И нам сочувствие дается,
Как нам дается благодать...

Ф. И. Тютчев. «Нам не дано предугадать...»
27 февраля 1869

"In The Sense of an Ending, Jim Broadbent plays Tony Webster, an emotionally shut down older man who learns, bit by troubling bit, that the events of his past are not as he remembers them. In his 20s, something momentous happened to close friends that he missed entirely. And the event that he didn’t miss — that he was at the center of — he thoroughly repressed. What kicks off the film is a posthumous letter from Sarah Ford, the mother of his old girlfriend, Veronica. Sarah says that she has left Tony a diary written by a long-dead school chum, Adrian. But the diary isn’t enclosed: Her daughter is mysteriously unwilling to give it up. And so begins Tony’s journey to retrieve that diary and discover the source of Veronica’s intransigence — a journey that will explode the foundation of his life.

Yes, the film’s trajectory is hopeful: Let’s be nicer to the people around us. Let’s be more present for our family. It’s a good message, and on that level — of a middlebrow well-made play — the movie works. But it’s world away from the mystery and irrevocable tragedy that Barnes evokes in his slim novel. The climactic revelation is very sad, but it doesn’t wound you."

- Why did you leave me?, - Tony asks Margaret at one point; she rolls her eyes at him in response.
She is the voice of reason—the one connected to the outside world, a force Tony clearly still needs in his life.

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